• Wonyoung So

    Wonyoung So

    Data Visualization Designer / Passionate Road Cyclist.

  • Beth Olson

    Beth Olson

  • Noah Braun

    Noah Braun

  • Susanna Haas Lyons

    Susanna Haas Lyons

    connecting people and decision-makers : change communication : sustainability governance : online citizen participation

  • Sophie Chou

    Sophie Chou

    Data journalist and media researcher. I like to find the human stories in data. Former @googlenewslab fellow at Pew Research, and graduate student @medialab.

  • Alex Huff

    Alex Huff

  • Santiago Rueda

    Santiago Rueda

    Psicoanalista | Psicoterapia: Barcelona — Online www.santiagoruedam.com

  • susan x jane

    susan x jane

    media race and pop culture explainer. apocalypse preparer. lover of dogs and justice. wiseass.

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